Ok!  We’re here with a fresh round of updates for you.  Again, we want to thank all of our users for their feedback, because these new updates are based entirely on the things that you have requested.  Here are the three things we’re adding to the desktop app:

  • Customizing your Desktop Message Notification Sounds
  • Adding / Editing Action Items from the Desktop
  • Flagging a Patient from the Desktop

So, here’s the first item.

Customizing your Desktop Message Notification Sounds

From your desktop or dashboard chat app, click on the Settings Icon.  Go to your Preferences Tab, and you’ll see that we’ve added several notification settings.  These are the sounds that will alert based on a new message.  You can preview them by clicking on the Sound Icon.  Select and save and you’ve got your new sounds notifications.  This is ONLY for your desktop.

We have also added custom notifications to your Mobile App.  You can now select them in the Left Menu >  Settings  >  Message Notifications.

Adding / Editing Action Items from the Desktop

Most of our CCM / Chronic Care Management clients have asked that we move the Action Log Item Manager to the desktop so that they don’t have to continue to go to the dashboard when they want to add a new item or edit/deactivate a current item.  Now you can do this by clicking on the dropdown at the end of the page title, CCM Patient List Assignments > Action Items.  Click the Add New button to create a new action item, or you can select an existing one to edit it or deactivate it by clicking the Active toggle.

Flagging a Patient from the Desktop

Many of our CCM and Charge Capture clients are using the patient flags to manage the patient’s transition of care.  Now you can assign a flag from the patient profile on the Desktop.  Click on the patient name to open the patient’s profile.  Click on the Dropdown to the right of the Patient Name > Add Flag.  As always, you can right click on any flag and click Remove Flag to have the flag removed from the patient.

Ok!  That’s all for now.  We have SEVERAL big ticket items coming in next week’s release, including Chronic Care Management from the iOS and Droid Apps, and some great new Messaging Features.