Wilmington, NC – DocsInk today announced substantial first quarter client base expansion, with an addition of more than 450 new users nationwide. Medical professionals are rapidly adopting DocsInk’s award-winning healthcare application, which includes a newly released Chronic Care Management (CCM) platform.

We believe our continued growth is greatly attributable to the ease of adoption and use of our solution, explained DocsInk CEO Julie Thomas. Medical professionals have the ability to download our application from our website and begin securely communicating and coordinating patient care within minutes. In addition they can pilot DocsInk for 30 days with absolutely no risk.

With the recent industry push towards a more value-based care model and required Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) reporting, CCM has become a leading topic of conversation amongst medical professionals. The release of DocsInk’s new CCM platform is in direct response to existing client requests to develop a solution to simplify the required CCM management and billing processes.

DocsInk’s CCM platform helps providers manage their chronically-ill patient population while automating associated administrative and billing processes to ensure providers are reimbursed at the highest level for services rendered, said Thomas. With the expansion of CCM coverage in 2017 to include both complex and non-complex services, the potential for increased revenue generation and opportunity to positively impact health outcomes has generated a lot of interest from clinicians, consultants and pharmacies across the nation.

The patient-centered focus of CCM promotes improved patient engagement, seamless transitions of care, better outcomes, reduction of readmissions and cost containment, added DocsInk Chief Medical Officer Dr. Josh Dobstaff. Many providers and their clinical staff have long been performing these non-face-to-face services, so the added benefit of getting paid for them creates a win-win for the clinicians and the patients they serve.

Along with their CCM management platform, DocsInk addresses the needs of small to large practices, hospitals and ACO’s alike by incorporating HIPAA secure messaging and mobile charge capture into their native desktop and mobile application that is customizable and affordable.

The company’s commitment to providing simple technology that promotes work flow efficiency, increased revenue and improved care coordination, has solidified DocsInk as an innovative leader in the healthcare software sector.