This was a significant release to the DocsInk Desktop Messenger.  We fixed a couple of small bugs and upgraded some components.  Let’s get started…

Broadcast Message

Administrative Group Creation Controls

TeamBuilder from the Desktop App

& Speed Enhancements

Broadcast Messages

DocsInk Secure Messenger Broadcast Message

A Broadcast Message Group is a group type that ONLY certain members can post a message to.  As an example, your hospital may have a Hospital Update thread that only administrators are allowed to post to, about emergency shutdowns, lockdowns, EMS services, etc.  Create a Broadcast Message Group when you want to make sure everyone gets the message and you don’t want anything but critical information in that message thread.

How can you create one?  Go to the Desktop Messenger, Click on the + Icon as if you were creating a Group Message.  Select the members that you would like to be in the group, name the Message Group, and Click the Broadcast Message Toggle and click Create.

Administrative Group Creation Controls

DocsInk Secure Messenger Group Administrative Controls

This is a much-requested feature from our larger clients.  Your administrators can lock down ‘Group Creation’ control to only administrators.  This keeps your DocsInk account a bit cleaner and more controlled for the health systems that require a more controlled environment.  To turn the Admin Group Control on, click the Settings > Organization on your desktop application and turn it on by clicking the ‘Only Admins Can Create Groups’ button and Save.

TeamBuilder from the Desktop App

DocsInk TeamBuilder from Desktop App

You can now add Staff and Providers to your DocsInk account directly from the desktop app.  Click the Profile+ icon to the right of Contacts.  Enter the same information that you entered to create your users from the dashboard, NPI numbers for your providers, email addresses for your staff and click Add Provider or Add Staff and they’re added to your DocsInk Team!