FREMONT, CA – DocsInk®, a mobile healthcare software company, today announced it has been selected as a Top 10 Healthcare Communication Solution Providers 2016 by Healthcare Tech Outlook- Communications.

In a deliberate session with the honorary industrial experts, a list of Top 10 Healthcare Communication Solution Providers 2016 has been concluded with. The positioning is based on evaluation of DocsInk’s specialties in mobile charge capture, secure texting and messaging, integrated on-call calendar, referral management, automated admission and discharge notifications, sharing of clinical data and images, transitional care dashboards, billing dashboards, reporting and data analytics.

“I congratulate DocsInk® on being recognized with the much coveted title and being a recipient of Top 10 Healthcare Communication Solution Providers 2016″, said Alex D’souza, Managing Editor of Healthcare Tech Outlook. “We are glad to showcase DocsInk® this year due to its continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology driven solutions.”

About DocsInk®

Based in Wrightsville Beach, NC, DocsInk is a mobile healthcare software company that has been gaining notoriety on the healthcare front for its innovative charge capture capabilities and HIPAA compliant secure messaging. Founded in 2012, it streamlines capturing and reporting off-site charges, inter-practice medicine communication and continuity of care.

About Healthcare Tech Outlook

Published from Fremont, California, Healthcare Tech Outlook is a print magazine that offers a one stop solution for reflecting on views, insights, issues and successful practices in the growing industry of healthcare. A distinguished panel comprising of CIOs, IT VPs, CTOs including Healthcare Tech Outlook editorial board finalized the “Top 10 Healthcare Communication Solution Providers 2016” in the U.S. and shortlisted the best vendors and consultants. For more info: