DocsInk’s innovative platform and mission statement to eliminate the clinical silos plaguing the health care industry helped them secure nearly $1,000,000 in series A funding. David Edmonds, Executive for the privately held venture capital group, stated, “The market dictated our desire to invest in mobile healthcare technology. After reviewing many and considering few, DocsInk® was chosen for their exclusive ability to address the major challenges facing every medical provider, patient, and health care organization today, with their simple Facebook-style application.”

DocsInk® LLC, based in Wilmington, North Carolina, is one of the few technology companies who spent the time and money to work alongside physicians to develop a solution that benefits both patient and provider. Shadowing a large group of interventional cardiologists located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the DocsInk® team initially began by tackling the issues of poor clinical communications and faltering revenue cycles due to the loss of charges for services performed in the hospital or ambulatory surgery units. Since the successful alpha, beta and release of the resulting mobile charge capture solution, DocsInk® customers continue to benefit from an improved workflow, average 15% increase in revenue, and 75% reduction in billing cycles. However, this was just the beginning.

The real DocsInk® story centers on their development of a Facebook-style, coordinated care platform. Through an approved “Share-Care” process, disparate providers are securely connected regardless of their technology systems, without the need of costly interfaces. Entire community care teams are connected for the purpose of communicating about a shared patient population. At risk patients are re-engaged through the use of DocsInk®‘s integrated telehealth video component. This type of broad connectivity quickly improves continuity of care and eliminates unnecessary redundancy of treatment that is largely responsible for the high cost of health care today.

DocsInk® also serves as the mobile vehicle for clinical alerts including those received from health information exchanges and increasingly popular home health devices. Providers and case managers are instantly notified of pertinent clinical information and abnormal results, literally changing the speed of which health care is delivered.

The DocsInk® application also automates admission and discharge notifications, manages referral requests, allows secure text messaging, and provides ICD-10-ready mobile charge capture, and a secure patient portal. The combination of these functionalities on an integrated platform sets DocsInk® apart from the competition. Just as importantly, their low price point makes it a viable commodity for single practitioners and large health systems alike.

A lead physician from a major ACO was quoted as saying, “DocsInk® is the long awaited solution that affordably addresses the issues facing health care today. It is technology that actually works for physicians, instead of just one more concession that we have to make.”