This a pretty big update, so at first I’ll do the tl;dr up top, and you can dig into more detail throughout the post.

tl;dr: read receipts, group read receipts, copy/paste to message, share file to group, download manager, multi-file upload with drag and drop, mute group notifications, additional statuses, call-group UX overhaul, take call from desktop.

We also have mobile chat updates and dashboard updates, so check those posts out, too.

Ya…  It’s a lot.  So let’s dig in.

Read receipts and group read receipts


read receipts for direct messages and group read receipts

When a user in a direct message has read your message, you’ll see a check-mark next to the message.  Clicking will show you a Read receipt.  If you want to see if everyone in a group has read the message, you can click on the check-mark and it will show you the users of the group that have read the message.  If you see a double check-mark, clicking on them will tell you that everyone in the group has read the message.

Copy / paste to message thread

Using Control C / V, or right clicking paste into the message thread will open the image share modal.  This will allow you to post the image into the message thread.

Download manager

Previously, downloading could only be done from the browser.  Now, you can download any file and the files will appear in your download manager for historical reference.  You can open them directly from their downloaded folder and you can clear your download history in bulk or individually.

Multi file upload with drag and drop

Clicking on the attachment upload will open the file upload modal.  You can drag and drop an unlimited (should we say that??) number of files and have them upload when you click save.  You can even mark all of the files that you are uploading as Critical, to get an acknowledgement receipt when the user has read them.

Comments on files – with comments updated on the thread and push notifications

Comments on files are now numbered so you can see which files in your thread have comments.  We also now update the thread when a comment has been added to file, with a link to the original file.  Users in the thread will get a push notification when a comment has been added to the file.

Mute group notifications


mute group notifications

Click the Mute Notifications icon at the top of the group chat thread to stop receiving notifications from the group, or swipe right on the group thread on the phone to mute them.  Click or tap to undo.