DocsInk’s latest feature update is pretty robust.  We touch every product, Charge Capture, Chronic Care Management, and Secure Messenger.

First, let’s start with what’s SURE to be the most popular…

Finger Print Login is finally here.

Yep, once you setup your finger print login, in the More Settings section of the mobile, you can now login with your fingerprint.  Previously, you could bring the app out of the background and use your fingerprint to open the app, but once you were logged out or the app logged you out for idle-time, you would have to re-login.  No more!  Login with your fingerprint!

Scheduled Reminders and Tasks on Chronic Care Management Patients


You can now assign tasks to your patients and give them a scheduled Due Date.  This is the second-most requested feature from our CCM users.  You have three statuses for the tasks: To Do, In Progress, and Done.  Done will archive the task and it will no longer show in your task list.  You can apply a filter on the tasks at the top of the CCM desktop view for Due Today, Assigned to Me, Past Due, and Unassigned.  Conversely, the default view will show you all the patients with all of the tasks assigned.

Universal Messaging Feature Management

We can’t say how much we appreciate the growth of our Secure Messaging users.  The feedback that we’ve gotten from some of you is that our system is just WAY more than you really need and you wish you could pare back some of our services and just use basic messaging.  So Administrators, now you can.  From your Desktop app, in settings, go to your new Organization tab and select the messaging features that you want to use.  Just click save and you’ll immediately have the features specific to your needs.

Census Billed Report

A requested report from one of our favorite doctors, a Census Billed Report can now be found here for doctors that round in Nursing Homes and need to see which patients on the census have or haven’t been billed this month.  We will work on getting this report to mobile for you in the next build.

Quality Measure Performance Reports

Our enhanced Quality Metric Reports allow you to view the % of patients with the applied Quality Performance Measures against the total number of patients seen by the provider.  You can pivot on facility, date ranges, and providers from your organization.