Alma, NebraskaHarlan County Health System (HCHS) of Harlan County Kentucky has selected DocsInk® to provide secure communication for their physicians and staff. Replacing a previous solution, DocsInk’s platform allows HCHS physicians and staff to text critical patient information, insuring HIPAA compliance and organizational efficiency. Click here to learn more about HIPAA Compliant Secure Text Messaging.

“The decision was an easy one to make,” said HCHS CEO Manuela Wolf. “DocsInk® is very affordable and as simple to use as the native texting application on our phones. We were up and running in less than 24 hours, and with online training we were able to reduce costs even further. I would highly recommend DocsInk® to any medical facility looking to save time, make more money and improve care coordination.”

Award winning mobile application DocsInk® was created to address the problems systemic to healthcare providers, organizations, and patient populations. Each feature of DocsInk’s application is completely customizable, which allows HCHS to adapt secure communication in order to eliminate the possibility of non-compliance with HIPAA regulations. With a cloud-based HIPAA compliant platform for secure communication and charge capture, DocsInk® eliminates the possibility of costly fines.

“We’re thrilled to see HCHS making such strides with our platform,” said Julie Thomas, CEO of DocsInk®. “We created this platform to help organizations like this, and seeing them save money within the first 30 days was exactly what we hoped for.”

DocsInk® mobile application is available for download in iTunes and Google Play. To learn more about DocsInk®call Director of Sales Tracey King at (888) 577-7409 or contact us.