Just in time for the holidays!  This is a pretty big update, so let's start unpacking all of the DocsInk goodies in this release.


Public Channels have the Multi-User Icon

This was our most requested feature of this release!  You can create channels that are accessible to your entire organization, whether they're in the channel or not.  These channels have great workflow efficiencies, allowing your organization to have multiple dedicated public channels for department requests, and then your department can create their own internal private channels to discuss 'request' assignments or delegation of tasks.  There are so many different use cases for these types of channels, please make sure to reach out to your Account Technician if you want to get some creative input for setting these up!


Turn on or off features at the user level

We've created a view that allows you to assign user rights and access to each of our specific messaging features.  This reduces the chances for operational errors, such as someone incorrectly attaching a patient to a message, or an unauthorized user accessing patient information.  The user rights are controlled in real-time; you can remove access to features and have it reflected on the users' accounts without them having to logout or finish their session.


Hierarchal Conditional Coding - HCC

Now you have an HCC tag on each of your diagnoses.  These are great for our ACO clients, and to be honest, all of our clients.  It's important as payers shift from fee for service to a pay for performance and value model that our providers know what the patient's chronic conditions are, and how to get to the appropriate level of specificity.  You can even report on them using our dashboard reporting!