Pediatric Consultants, PA reaps fiscal and efficiency benefits resulting from adoption of DocsInk® SaaS solution

Houston, Texas – For years Pediatric Consultants, PA (PCPA), a hospital-based group of pediatricians serving the greater Houston area, had been using billing sheets to report their charges. Now, after implementing DocsInk’s healthcare software platform, those issues have diminished and the realized benefits are overwhelming.

DocsInk®, a mobile healthcare software company based in Wrightsville Beach, NC, has been gaining notoriety on the healthcare front for its innovative charge capture capabilities, HIPAA compliant secure messaging, integrated on-call scheduler, and of course, amongst other integral features, an intuitive ICD-10 coding solution. PCPA’s provided medical services are extensive and patient volume is extremely high. With doctors on call 24 hours a day, a non-generic solution was needed. DocsInk’s simple and customizable platform was easily tailored to meet PCPA’s specific needs and workflows. “No more paper trails to follow and no more lost charges,” said MedCorp Billing VP of Operations, Paula Cutchen. “And, as an added bonus, DocsInk’s team worked with the hospitals to establish an interface that automatically populates the app with our patients.” An invaluable capability, which has relieved doctors from inputting patient data beyond the charges themselves. Cutchen stated the ease of implementation was key as, “the support and accessibility of the DocsInk® team was excellent.”

DocsInk’s innovative charge capture feature removes the possibility of misplaced charges and the HIPAA compliant secure messaging feature allows for easy communication between billing staff and PCPA doctors. “Not only does DocsInk® make billing easier,” said PCPA Dr. Stephen Edwards, “the built-in search for diagnosis, customizable procedure list and the ability to see things graphically actually gives me back something for the data I put in.”

DocsInk® not only offers multiple solutions for today’s medical professionals that eliminates the need for multiple apps and systems, accessibility is available on most mobile devices and adoption is simple and cost effective. “DocsInk® has truly been the solution we had been searching for,” continued Cutchen. “We continue to recommend their solution to other physicians groups”.

About Pediatric Consultants, PA Pediatric Consultants, PA is strictly a group of hospital-based pediatricians on staff in four hospitals in the greater Houston area. The medical services they provide in the hospital setting is extensive, ranging from managing the care of normal newborns until discharge to a private pediatrician, to continuation of care of a child after admission due to an emergent situation. Their patient volume is extremely high, as they provide relief for the clinical pediatricians whose schedules rarely allow for making rounds at the hospital. They are on call 24 hours a day, meeting the needs of the surrounding communities.