This is an exciting update for all of our users.

You can now host a Video Call / Screen Share with someone, or host a Conference Call and Screen Share with a group!  This has been our most requested feature that we’ve been working on for the past few months, and we’re happy to release it in a limited beta to our users today.  Simply click on the button(s) Start a Video Call / Start a Conference Call at the top of the chat thread and the receiving parties will receive a notification with a link to your video chat.  This is a GREAT tool for everyone.  Doctors at group signout, billing staff meetings, CCM review sessions with PCPs and staff, or just general chat and conversation requirements throughout the day.

docsink video chat

Video chat is only available on desktop and browser at this time, supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.  We will release our mobile version in two weeks!

Menu changes and cleanup

You’ll notice that the left menu has been changed – we’ve removed the bulky icons and replaced them with smaller menu names and icons.  Hopefully this improves your navigation experience and makes things simpler for you to manage.

Image Zoom and Manipulation

You’ll now see a toggle at the bottom of the image viewer.  Slide it from left to right to zoom on an image, and click on the image to move it around the view to zoom in on a specific area of the image.

Updated Tasks Calendar View

Finally!  You can ask yourself ‘What am I doing today?’… and get an easier answer from our tasks view!  Clicking on Notifications > Tasks you’ll see a calendar view now with the dates on a scrollable left menu.  Select dates to view your daily entries and hover on them for more information.

As always, if you have an questions about specific features or functionality, you can chat with your account manager!